Monday, September 26, 2011

Other people's children

Sawyer woke up from morning nap just in time for us to rush to music time at the zoo.  We were about 10 mins late, but it was still a lot of fun. Sawyer loves music and he thought it was fun to play with the musical instruments and clap with the music. Everyone was having a good time until....

Sawyer wanted to play with the drums.

Another little boy (probably around 4) was playing with the drums. Including drum sticks. I just stood back and watched, as kids that old are normally really good with Sawyer. They might not want to share, but they are nice. This little boy decided that Sawyer shouldn't touch the drums and hit his hands with the drumsticks until Sawyer moved them. Which was a little bit, because Sawyer can't always stand on his own. So he until he fell down crying. I rushed over to him and picked him up and calmed him down. But, being the determined child he is, he still wanted to play with the drum. This time, I watched the other boy. When he started to go at Sawyer with the sticks, I grabbed them and told him gently that you can't hit Sawyer with the sticks, that isn't very nice. I had to constantly redirect this child from hitting Sawyer, and other children, with the drumsticks. I was hoping the parent of this child would come over and intervene, but that never happened. It was very frustrating and disappointing.

I am fairly forgiving of kids at playgroups. I know that kids (especially around Sawyer's age) don't always know about personal space, or sharing, or not poking other kids, etc. BUT, I do try to stop Sawyer from hitting and poking as much as possible. I don't normally tell other kids what to do, but this was a safety issue. He really hurt Sawyer and he could have easily really hurt another child. All I can do at playgroups is help Sawyer learn how to deal with different situations, and show him how to act properly.

In other, happier, news.... I am knitting Sawyer a dog toy for his birthday. It is almost done. Just needs some eyes. He also received his very first birthday present in the mail today.... pictures on his blog soon.... I have also cut out all of the flags for his birthday decorations. Now to sew them onto the bias tape (which I think I will need more of) and see if I want to make more of them. I also have to get pictures of Sawyer printed for another banner I have planned. His birthday is going to be crazy.

A small weather update. It has been an amazing fall here. GORGEOUS. The leaves are all yellow.... the temperature has been cooler.... but it has been bright and sunny. I've been loving it. This morning, it was winter. It was 28*F when we took the pups out this morning. Sawyer was bundled up in his snow suit, a knit hat, and his snuggle thing in his stroller... he stayed nice and warm! (And is now well seen, thanks to my dad and his ever-growing collection of lights) I love the winter. I'm excited for snow. But that is all I'm going to say, because I know that by even writing that, many people are cursing my name. (But, seriously, if you don't like winter... you probably live in the wrong place)

Alright, off to finish a few things before he wakes up from his nap.


Whitney Erin said...

it's okay, I'm excited for snow too!

Allison said...

It's an absolutely GORGEOUS fall day here too! And I would never curse your name for saying you love winter. Fall/winter are my favorite seasons here in AK! I can't wait!

Miss Julep said...

I'm excited about vicarious snow....we are still in summer mode down here:)

Poor Sawyer, where WAS the other Mom anyway? Sheesh!