Monday, September 12, 2011

Moose in the Garden!

Just last week I commented to Weston that I was surprised that the moose hadn't eaten my garden yet... it seems to happen every fall. Then last night, it happened.....

I don't mind it. I like seeing moose in the neighborhood... and it means less clean-up for me in the coming weeks! And my brussel sprouts weren't growing anyway, so I'm excited that someone got to enjoy them. 

I also finished spinning this yarn... I love it! It is almost 300 yards of light worsted weight yarn. 

Sawyer's sweater only needs one more sleeve.  I tried it on him last night and it was SO cute! I hope he enjoys wearing it.... luckily he can't take his clothes off (yet) so he won't have much of a choice. I have also sewed him some dog pants to wear to his party. Pictures of those soon!


Miss Julep said...

Wow! What awesome visitors and what BEAUTIFUL yarn!!

Whitney Erin said...

oh jealous, I love seeing moose at my house. they never seem to come over until winter though :(