Sunday, March 13, 2011

Time check

So, it has been 10 days since I last posted. Crazy! I have been busy. I am better now... which is great! I took a day off of work and my SIL came over to watch Sawyer so I could nap, and that made all the difference in the world.  Luckily, Sawyer never caught what I had, so he has been his happy little self!

He learned to roll over this week, so that has been exciting! I'm pretty sure he did it just because he hates being on his stomach so much, but whatever works. I have also been able to get him back to napping, which is WONDERFUL. It has made such a difference in his attitude and everyone else's well being... he is a much happier baby when he gets enough sleep.

In crafting news, I am almost finished with his bunny hat. Just have one ear left to knit (I have to try and remember HOW I knit the first ear, as I did it on a whim while teaching sock class last week....) and then I will need to decide if I want to add any color to the ears, or leave them white. I might dye the insides of them pink (or blue...) or duplicate stitch some of the ear, or just leave them as is. We will see.

I have also finished spinning the singles I was working on.  This is some THIN yarn!! Even after it is plied (which I am working on now) I'm thinking it will be a fingering weight. Which is awesome, but it is taking forever to ply.... I want to move on to my next yarn which is for a swap.... I'm hoping that there will be enough of this yarn to knit Sawyer a little vest.  It is mostly black with peeks of green, so I think it will knit up nicely into any pattern. I'm excited to get it off the wheel.

Weston also has finished my quilt rack, so it is displaying 5 of my quilts. I need to take pictures and post for everyone to enjoy. He is now working on building my loom, which will be fun to play with!

I am also finishing up a quilt top. I was laying it out on the bed, but now Sawyer is napping, so I don't think I want to risk waking him up. Just three more rows to sew together, then sew all the rows together, and BAM! Finished top. I will be happy to have it done. It is actually a pretty neat quilt, it is just a bunch of my scraps sewed together and then cut into blocks. I only had to buy fabric for the sashing (which I actually bought a few years ago, but I just haven't finished this top) so it was a relatively inexpensive quilt.

That is really all that has been going on here. We leave for TX soon. Boo. It's also almost my birthday! YEA!! I love my birthday....

I hope everyone had a great weekend and remembered to SPRING forward... dumb daylight savings.

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