Friday, March 28, 2008

New cards

I just posted some new cards to my Etsy site! I am pretty excited about the "Crib Notes" note cards. They are too cute. They are made using a stamp set called "Very Punny" that I got last year. I love the funny little stamps. It is the same set that I used to make the "Hoppy for You" card. I hope to find a use for the other stamps in the set soon. So many ideas, so little time!

On another note, I found this really cool blog about environmentally friendly crafting. It had some neat ideas about how to reuse things such as the plastic eggs you get at easter. I haven't had a chance to browse it too much, but I really enjoyed the bit I did read. Check it out.

Other than that not much else going on. Not too long until summer. 7 weeks! Whoo hoo!

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