Saturday, March 15, 2008

Stamping with Friends

With it being spring break and my best friends and I all being employed by the school district, I get to enjoy a week off! And boy do I look forward to it! One of my best friends is expecting her first child, so I spent one day with her stamping her baby announcements. They are SUPER cute! And when you put cards together assembly-line style they go together a lot quicker! We got 40 of them done, which is pretty amazing if you ask me. The next day I spent with one of my other friends and we made a few cards. I was a bit stamped out at that point, and only got three done. But I had ordered a new set of Easter stamps and made an awesome card with them that I mailed to my grandma. Quite exciting.

Another random fact. We are a bit into Rock Band right now. So into it in fact, that our band has been inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame. That is right. We are awesome.

I'm thinking about knitting up some baby socks to ad to my etsy site. I enjoy knitting but don't like projects that take a lot of socks are just about the right size.

Hope everyone enjoyed Spring Break week! Back to work again on Monday....

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