Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Small victories

I have been floundering with my knitting lately.  Weston's gansey is in time out as it has a huge gage issue that I need to work on. I was hoping my math was just wrong, but I had him try it on and it is FAR too big. So, I am going to have to re-swatch, re-do all the math, and start over. I can't deal with that right now, so instead I am planning holiday knitting! Because what better way to deal with a problem than to start a lot of new things. 

In an attempt to feel like I had finished something I knit an itty bitty preemie hat for the KAL over in the Knitting Daddy Ravelry group. Greg learned to knit while his daughter was in the NICU so he is hosting the KAL in an attempt to get people to donate hats to their local NICU. I thought his story was just so touching, I had to knit at least one! Although, these are so small and rewarding to knit, I am sure there will be more in my future!

I have also pulled out some other hibernating projects in hopes of finishing them. Fingering weight color work is probably one of my favorite things to knit. I am not sure why this got stashed away, but I have pulled out Lucy's flower dress (Lovely Rita by Martina Behm) and have made great progress on it. I have about 25 rows left of the chart and then it is just knitting the top and BAM! Dress. I have a picture of the inside, as I often find that just as pretty as the outside. 

I have a variety of pinks and the idea was that it would look like a gradient. I am not sure I am entirely happy with it, but at this point, it is what I am going with. Lucy will love it, or it will be an amazing gift for someone! 

The other thing I have dug out is my Lilli Pilli shawl for a KAL in the Bohoknitterchic Group. If you would like to join us, check it out here.  You can knit any of the patterns from this designer (and she has a lot of fabulous ones) so jump on in! I decided to add beads to mine, which is why it was stashed away. Beaded lace is not very kid-friendly knitting. But, with the KAL, and a trip coming up, I think I can power through the last 5 repeats of the lace and then I will be back to garter stitch stripes which are super kid friendly! I would love to have this finished so I can cast on something else just for me. 

I mentioned my trip, which I am very excited about! Next week (!!!) I am headed to Anchorage with the kids and then I am flying (alone) to Washington to go to a spinning retreat with some Ravelry friends. I attended the event when Lucy was 6 weeks old (with her) and it was such great fun! I am so very excited to go again. This will be the first time the kids will remember being on a plane (we are flying to Anchorage, not taking the ferry) so hopefully that isn't a big deal. It is only a 30 min flight, so it shouldn't be bad, but I always get stressed traveling alone with the kiddos. Next week is also Sawyer's birthday! He will be 5! How is that possible!?!? Crazy. The rest of my month is jam packed with lots of fun, and hopefully lots of knitting!

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