Monday, October 5, 2015

Busy, busy, busy!

It has been busy around here! Everyone has been sick (except me, knock on wood) so I have been taking care of them.  We are all healthy now, and I am really hoping that lasts for a LONG time! There was also a big conference in town this past week in the convention center that Weston is the project manager of, so he was pretty busy with that. I was able to go see a documentary in the theatre on Thursday, and it was wonderful! I have only been in the building one time during construction and to see the transformation from June until now was amazing. It is a beautiful building and I can not wait to have it all in use.

I was so excited to be in the building that brought me to this town, I had to document it. 

KNITTING REVEAL!! I can reveal what my secret knitting was this past month.  I was working on a test knit for Kate Oates of Tot Toppers.  If you follow my knitting at all, you will know that I am a huge fan of her work.  (I think I knit 10 of her designs last year alone) I was excited to test knit a hat out of her new booklet, New Girl. The hat is a simple colorwork project with beautiful details that really make the finished object. I learned how to do an applied i-cord for this project and I really enjoyed that finish.

I also love the giant pompom on top. Lucy wanted the biggest pompom ever, and I think I succeeded! Any bigger, and it probably would pull the hat off her little head.  The booklet is a compliment to the New Guy collection, although I think all the pieces would work for either gender. All the pieces are knit out of fingering weight yarn and would make a great baby gift. 

Alright, off to grocery shop and do laundry.  No kid activites in town on Mondays, so we try and get a lot of chores done. Have a great week!

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