Monday, December 10, 2012


I've been finishing a few things (my class samples) and planning lots of other things. I tend to plan far more than I ever finish. Since it is Christmas time, I'm mildly obsessed with ornaments and all things holiday. I found a pattern to knit scraps of yarn into little trees that stand on wine corks....a perfect use of two previously "useless" items. I also stumbled across a pattern for crocheted granny stars.... They would make a nice garland. Oh, and I still want to knit an advent calendar out of little mittens and knit the family colorwork stockings. Of course, this won't all be done this year, but maybe if I plan now I can have it done in a year? Maybe?!

My room is all clean and everything has a home. It is amazing. I go to find something and I know exactly where it is. And because I know where it goes, I have been putting things away as well. Now if I can keep myself focused on finishing what I start, we will be in good shape! (Right now I'm so torn on the sweater I've been working on for Sawyer. I'm so bored of it, but it is so close to being finished....I know I should finish it, but I'm half tempted to rip the darn thing out....)

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