Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Eek! Steek!

So... I cut a steek yesterday. One of the sleeve steeks in Sawyer's sweater. Toni (one of the other knitting teachers at work, she is a master knitter and pretty much the best knitter I know. I would love to grow up to be like her) helped me. It is going to take more time and finishing than I expected, but I am on my way. I have to seam up the other shoulder, and then I will sew the sleeves in... they are in the sink getting ready to be blocked right now, so that may be able to happen tonight. Then, I will be able to steek the front of the sweater, pick up a billion stitches to knit a small collar edge, and then sew in the zipper.  I was complaining to Weston last night about all of the finishing work... mostly the picking up stitches part.

"I don't understand why I pick projects that have parts I HATE in them...." "You know that blanket with the hood I started (that is now too small for Sawyer), it only needs a button band, but I have to pick up like 198 stitches, so I put it away..." Weston asked if 198 was a lot. "Well, it's almost 200...so, yeah, it's a lot." I wasn't in a good mood about it. The weird thing is, picking up stitches isn't that bad. I just hate thinking about it. Once I get started, I still complain, but I get it done. So be on the look out for a finished sweater....in about a week?

Also, in other crafting news, Weston has taken it upon himself to help me clean and organize my craft room. This is good and bad. Good because Weston is very good about organizing things and making sure everything has a home. Plus, since he is helping me, he gives me a task (sort everything into piles, go through this binder, where does this go?, etc) and then I have a goal.  When I clean my room myself, I get overwhelmed and mostly just quit. So, I feel like this will help a lot.  When we are done, everything will have a home, and if it doesn't have a home it will be going away. The reason this is bad is because he now knows the full extent of my stash.... he hans't been too surprised by it, but he is encouraging me to work from my stash and finish the MANY WIP I have started. Or have all the supplies to start. I now have a "rule" that to start a new project, I have to finish two WIP. Which is probably a good idea. But, boo.... I really wanted to start knitting a shawl and I was going to cast on as soon as I finished the sweater. But, I now have to finish something else. So, I'm going to bind a quilt. Quick, easy, done. :) And, yes, that counts... I already asked.

So, as soon as the room is all clean, I will post pictures. AND, I may even share the crazy list of WIP so that you can keep me honest too.  Off to go block some sleeves and maybe cut that binding out.


Northern Lights Fiber Co. said...

Go Sally! Can't wait to see the sweater!!

sisugirl said...

Whoo Hoo! Steeking is always nerve-wracking and stressful, no matter how many times you do it. Photos please!