Friday, October 15, 2010

Baby, baby, baby

I'm about as ready for this baby as I think I ever will be. The new washer (remember, the washer broke... I think I mentioned that...) was delivered on Monday and I finally prepped all of my cloth diapers. I have kind of been finding excuses to do laundry because the washer is so awesome.  It is a whirlpool duet and just amazing. The clothes are washed, sorted by size, and put into the changing table. My bags are packed and ready to head to the birth center. (I think I have everything.... who knows...) My room is still a mess, but oh well. Our bedroom, where the baby will be for at least a while, is clean and ready to go. The midwife said yesterday that the baby is head down and pretty low (which I kind of guessed, because my stomach is in my way and I haven't really gotten any bigger)... any day now. Of course, Baby could still be late, but even late, it is the middle of October, so two weeks... CRAZY. Here is what I look like now.

It's very weird to see myself in pictures... I don't feel like I look that pregnant. I guess I'm just used to it... 

We decorated for Halloween early this week. Which means my fall quilts are out! I find it slightly amusing that I have two quilts for this season and none for Christmas.... I do have all the fabric for two Christmas quilts... it's even all cut out... maybe next year. :)

The scottie dog pillow is a new acquisition. I bought it at the Friends of Pets quilt auction. It matched my quilt perfectly, so I knew I had to have it! 

I had some other things, but they have already slipped my mind. I have an exciting day planned today... lunch with my former teaching team, and then selling my wares at a craft fair. Fingers crossed that I make some $$ so I can treat myself to something nice! :) I will try to remember to take pictures of my booth so you can see it. Off to my busy day!

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