Monday, April 22, 2013

Terrible blogger

So, I'm bad at blogging.... I haven't been knitting... I am in a funk. But, I did sew Sawyer some pants last night, out of fabric I bought around Christmas. He helped me sew them and was really excited until we finished them at which point he decided he wanted nothing to do with them.

There were some moose in the yard the other day. The family was about to head out to the front yard and I happened to glance out and see a moose walking across the yard! Thankfully I looked, as it turned out to be a mom with a baby, who strolled past a few seconds later. I love moose.

Hoping to get my knitting mojo back on track. I am just not in love with anything I'm working in, and casting on seems like so much work..... Ha! I did dye yarn to knit Lucy's birthday sweater. Because, she is suddenly SEVEN months old....what!? Hopefully I start that soon and have something to show for all of my time.....well, besides happy and healthy children. ;)

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