Saturday, April 27, 2013

My sweet kids

I just spent an hour trying to put Lucy to bed. While she isn't as bad as Sawyer was, she doesn't have the best sleeping habits....part of it is my fault, we haven't been super consistent with her routine because she is more flexible....but I think that is starting to bite us in the behind. Sleep is my least favorite part of parenting. There is something about it that drives me crazy. And I will never understand babies....they scream when they are tired....which is the opposite of helpful.

But, my kids are amazing....even if they don't speak English or sleep great. (We are working on both of those problems) The other day something happened that I never thought would. I made the kids matching hats before Lucy was born....and I never thought I would get a picture of them in them together. Especially since Sawyer has been running from the camera and hates hats. But, it happened. They aren't great, but it made my day.

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Whitney Harness said...

They are so cute! You def make some pretty good looking kids:) and I agree with you about the whole sleep thing, definitely the most stressful thing for me. Probably bc like you said, there just no reason to it (or so it often seems).