Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tour de Fleece

Right Around, Baby

It's Tour de Fleece season!! (For those who don't know, tour de fleece is a spinning challenge that coincides with the Tour de France... I think I've blogged about it in more detail before today) I have been rocking my spinning. I've already spun more than a pound, which is exciting! I hope to get at *least* 8 more oz spun, but hopefully more than that. Here is a quick picture round up of what I've spun.  The two big skeins are both 8oz (each around 200 yards of aran/bulky weight), so that is why I don't look like I've finished that much even though I've been spinning like a crazy person.  The two mini skeins are each 1 oz (yardage not measured) and there are three more that will be joining them soon... I'm hoping to knit some color work with them. Off to spin!

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