Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I get along...

Random Chatter

With a little help from my friends... I seriously have the best, most generous, thoughtful friends. The other day I was talking (on Rav) about how I really needed some colored pencils because I was trying to sketch some knitting ideas I had... a few days later, a set of colored pencils arrived in my mailbox from my friend Sara! Totally unexpected, but much appreciated. Just the other day, I received a wonderful surprise package from my friend Jess. It included a robot toy for Sawyer (no pics as he was unwilling to pose and would not give it up... I will try and get one later), a skein of handspun for me, and a quilt for Baby! It was just wonderful. I love it all. The quilt is so cute! The center panel is adorable and she backed it with polar fleece instead of using batting, which I would have never thought of, but it makes it the perfect weight to wrap around the baby!! And it is super snuggly... Such a generous gift!

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Whitney Harness said...

That little blanket is so cute I lOVE the fabric of the center panel!