Thursday, June 21, 2012


Sticks and String
Last week I knitted one stranded mitten (pics soon-ish) and it reminded me how much I love color work. It is just SO fun to knit! I think I knit the whole mitten in three days... it is just so fun to see the pattern emerge and it keeps me knitting. Plus, mittens are a smaller project, so it seems like the rounds just fly by. I love it.

I immediately started thinking about my next color work project. I did some Ravelry searching and wrote down the yarn requirements for a few different things. My plan was to get the yarn at the summer solstice sale at a LYS. Here is what I found....

I'm in love with this color palette. I am going to take them into the shop tomorrow and try and find two more colors (the pattern calls for 6, but I can easily use only 4 contrast colors). The pattern and the recipient are a surprise, but it is something for a good friend. I am quite excited. I even had Weston stop by the shop in Eagle River to pick up a new pair of needles for the project. The store out there has the best selection of needles... I need to try and make it out there more often. I will probably cast this on tomorrow...

Right Around, Baby
Tour de Fleece starts soon! (For those who don't know, Tour de Fleece is a spinning challenge in which people try to spin every day the Tour de France rides... they spin on their bikes, we spin on our wheels) I have been trying to finish up one more yarn before the challenge (which I plan on finishing right after posting) and I am really excited to focus on some spinning goals I have.  I ordered 8oz of a special TDF color way for the group that I am co-captain of and it is AMAZING. Such bright, fun, vibrant colors. I am trying to decide how to spin it.... I also ordered another special TDF fiber pack that is based on the different types of jerseys the bikers wear. That should arrive next week.... my plan for that is to spin each color separately and do a small color work project. I have always wanted to do color work with handspun, but I normally spin things that are too variegated to work for that. So hopefully I can get all that spinning done!

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