Friday, February 26, 2016

Pet Peeves

It's been a stormy week here. I have been doing a child swap with a few preschool moms who have younger girls, so that means two afternoons a week I have no kids! It is so nice to have some time alone to rest, knit, or run errands. This week I was able to get my hair cut for the first time in quite a while. I am really happy with it!

I have also recently been watching the show New Girl on Netflix.  It's entertaining, but I have one pet peeve about it.  The main character wears glasses without lenses. That is something that makes me crazy! Having bad eye sight is a disability.  People aren't using crutches ironically.  And I realize it is probably for lighting reasons, but there are characters on the show that actually do wear glasses and they have ones with lenses and things are fine. It is obviously something that most people won't notice, but it drives me crazy. 

And while we are on the topic of things that make me crazy, another huge pet peeve of mine is people saying they "don't have time" for things.  Everyone has the same 24 hrs in a day. Most people I talk to in the course of the day have small children and similar things to juggle. It's fine if you don't want to make time to do something, but just admit that. If it isn't a priority for you, you won't make time for it. But, there is time. I just get irrationally annoyed by people not saying what they mean.

In knitting news, things have been cruising along on Weston's Gansey.  I have it joined in the round and about three inches of stockinette completed.  I even tried it on him yesterday and IT FIT. HUGE news.  It was such a relief to see that. I still have about a million inches to knit and quite a few things to figure out (shoulder straps for example...) but I am starting to see progress and I think it will come together.  

I haven't been knitting on anything else this week... I have been dreaming of casting on new things. I am obsessing over knitting a pair of baby overalls and other little things. Everything I seem to stumble across that I want to knit is fingering weight. I probably should mix it up a bit with some other weight of yarn just to give my hands a rest. 

Next weekend the Iditarod starts, and with that the Iknitarod! I will be participating in the challenge this year with a baby blanket, the zagaround blanket by Kate Oates. I have had a rainbow yarn for it for a while and am finally ready to get to knitting. I think the pattern is simple enough that I should be able to work on it with the kids up, but finishing such a large project will still be a challenge for me. 

Have a great weekend and happy knitting!

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