Friday, January 1, 2016

Year end round up

I had a great knitting year. I finished 32 (!) projects. If you are on Ravelry, here is a link to see my projects.

Here is a quick round up of what I knit:

14 hats
5 cowls
2 blankets (one was crocheted)
4 pairs of mittens
1 shawl
2 toys
1 doll blanket
1 pair of slippers
2 sweaters

So, clearly hats are still my favorite thing to knit.  I actually wound yarn to knit two hats today. HA! I am really hoping to finish 16 projects this year (last years goal was 15) but I know I have some bigger projects on the needles that I need to finish.  Weston's sweater (an adult sweater in fingering weight yarn...), a few sweaters for Sawyer (that kid is getting bigger), and at least one blanket. I have the yarn for three I one of them should get finished.

Not only did I wind yarn to knit two hats, I also bought yarn to knit Sawyer some Spider-Man mittens.  Hopefully those go quickly and he gets to wear them this winter. The weather here has been terrible. We had a white Christmas but a few days later it started raining and it basically hasn't stopped. Between the wind and the rain, the kids still need hand knits to stay warm, so hopefully I can whip out these cool new mittens quickly.

I should have some quilts to share soon.  I am almost finished with the top for a baby quilt for my SIL.  And Lucy and I spent the day working on sewing a charm square quilt.  That should go together quickly.  I also fell victim to the recent Craftsy sale and bought a kit for a fox quilt and a quilt for Sawyer.  That should be here soon! Yea!

One last thing to share. I did spend the week before Christmas sewing the kids pjs for Christmas Eve. It was a few late nights, but it was totally worth it.

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