Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Knitting lull

I have been in a bit of a knitting lull this week. I almost finished Sawyer's green Christmas tree hat, but then got sidetracked with some other sewing projects.  We had our local quilt guild's tea and auction this weekend and it was so fun! I bought a few items and enjoyed the excitement of a live auction.  I had never really participated in a live auction before so it was quite memorable. I had the kids with me, and they were very well behaved...I think sitting at the table that had a bowl of swedish fish had something to do with that! I sewed these two pillows to donate to the auction.

The blocks are from the book Farm Girl Vintage and they were very fun to piece! There is a sheep block in the book, so I plan on making myself some sheep pillows sometime. I also would love to make the sampler quilt, which has all different 6" blocks.  Another member of the guild is working on that and the blocks are just adorable. 

The other excitement of the weekend was that we had professional pictures taken of our family! In eight years of marriage, we have never done that (even for our wedding), so I am very excited to see how they turn out. Lucy was quite grumpy during the whole shoot, so hopefully there is one where she doesn't look angry. We were all practicing our smiles before going, and clearly she is capable of smiling. Silly girl. 

No real updates on knitting as I just haven't been doing much.  Next time I should have at least one FO. I realized this morning that we are about 5 weeks away from Christmas and I haven't started any of my gift knitting yet! YIKES! I don't knit a ton for holiday gifting, but I have a few smaller things planned.  The yarn and patterns are all chosen (and printed out somewhere, I think) but I need to start! Perhaps that will be my plan for the weekend...in between a pampered chef party, time to sew, and a guild meeting. Man oh man. 

Get your knit on!

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