Friday, August 21, 2015

Back in the Saddle

I stumbled across my poorly neglected blog while looking at my Ravelry profile the other day and have been thinking about it since.  It was fun to look back and see how I felt about different projects and the different things I would write down…

SO, I decided to get back to it.

Things are a bit different now, more than two years later. Our family moved to Cordova, Alaska this past fall and have been enjoying our time here. Lucy is almost 3 (and very much a three-nager) and Sawyer will be 5 soon.  Sawyer recently got into the preschool here which starts at the end of the month and he is very excited to go!

I have been knitting…and knitting…and knitting. This year I have finished 18 projects so far. (Rav link if you are interested in seeing what they are) My favorite one is Lucy's latest sweater. I need to get a modeled shot of her, but I just LOVE it! It is the Imagination Sweater by Kate Oates out of her newest book Knits for Boys.

On the needles I have …. a lot. I am working on a Gansey sweater for Weston (as part of the Cordova Gansey Project which you can read more about here), which I am dragging my feet on. I also have another sweater for Lucy that she helped dye the yarn for (PINK!) and I need to knit Sawyer an Imagination Sweater as well. I also have a dress for Lucy and two projects for myself on the needles.  The problem is a lot of these projects are at a place where I need to focus on them to work on them, which means knitting only happens after the kids go to bed. So I keep casting on new, simpler projects to keep with me in my purse for knitting on the go.  My mom recently send me some fun yarn and I whipped this hat out for Sawyer in a day.

When all of your projects are on size 0 or 2 needles, working on a size 9 makes things fly off the needles! The yarn is called "Top This" by DMC and it is hilarious. Lucy will have a pink bunny one tonight and my mom also sent a monkey and an owl.  The kids have plenty of hats, but they are my favorite thing to knit, super useful, and always good to have stashed away in different places. 

Having so much on my needles (and more to knit in my stash) hasn't stopped me from dreaming about what yarn and project I want to buy for next. I have become obsessed with this rainbow blanket from Knit Picks and I will knit it. It is simple and looks so cozy. 

I have been walking the dogs a lot since I got a Fitbit this month. I average about 6 miles a day walking and during that time I listen to knitting podcasts. Maybe if my dogs were better walkers I could knit and walk, but I really have to focus on not getting tangled… Anyway, I have found a new one (to me) that I am really enjoying.  It is called Teaching your Brain to Knit and it talks about knitting and the brain.  Today it talked about how knitting can help prevent age related dementia, which was very interesting. 

Alright, off to a softball game for Weston's work. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Lauren said...

Hey your blog popped up on my feed reader! I forgot I added you. yay! I love that hat yarn with the animals on top. Such a cute idea.

Hmmm you're really making me want a fitbit! I need to see how much they cost. Maybe for christmas....